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graphic of operation room showing silhouettes of six people inside, two more behind door labeled 'surgery' patient found his provider through the Intellegenex Provider Look-up

· Notification Management: the best, least expensive way to deliver mission critical documents

· Effectiveness of certified mail at the cost of first class postage

· Customize to your specific needs

· Combines the best of the US Postal Service with digital technology

· Receive affidavit of postal delivery

· Access to all documents at your fingertips

· Go far beyond "mail-merge" and mailing company operations


Custom Solutions

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Your employers want their Provider Look-up branded. They want Workplace Posters. They want Health-E-Tickets They want provider access to previously approved procedures.

Two words:
"No Problem!"
!ntellegenex specializes in custom solutions for world-class Provider Lookups, mailed notifications, management of employee rosters, and archiving employee documents for easy, quick retrieval. Nobody does it better!


Tired of waiting for data updates?

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Your Provider lookup data is typically updated within three hours (Regular business hours weekdays and Friday until 2:00 p.m.) of your data drop, no schedules, no waiting.

We consider your updates very important, and we know you need to get them to your users NOW!

And with new PR!SM, your provider look-ups can be updated in real time.


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PR!SM is the new Provider Management tool from Intellegenex. Cloud-based and responsive, it lets you manage your providers on the go or at the desktop.

· Provider Relations Information Systems Management

· Provider & Network management software

· Manages credentialing

· Manages multiple networks, affiliations, groups & facilities

· Maintains history of providers, groups & networks

· Designed for Workers Comp and Group Health


Provider Look-ups

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· Most intuitive provider lookup available

· Print-ready directories on-demand

· Customizable to your specific needs

· Search on any data element

· History of changes when using PR!SM

· Instantaneous updates

· Feature rich for group health & workers comp

· Send search results to a smart phone

· Management suite


MAA — Intelligent Triage Software

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· Medical Access Assistant

· Triage Software

· Chronicles inbound and outbound communication

· Stores documents per injured employee

· Creates and manages tasks

· Provides a full history of actions

· Integrates with provider lookup sites

· Tracks plans, employers, and individuals

· Accessible on smart phone, tablet, desktop


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MPN/HCO Notifications

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The Power of Certified Mail at the Price of a First Class Stamp!

Notifying of employees of their healthcare options is the law. We offer cost-effective notifications of from one to thousands of employees, and of course offer proof of delivery and bad-address management so your MPN/HCO can be Workers Comprehensive Department compatible.

  • Personalized letters
  • English & Spanish, plus other languages if required
  • Each employer is a custom project
  • Each employee gets a copy of the notification attached to the detail record

Document Archives

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For your own protection and sometimes to fulfill a legal requirement, you need to maintain a copy of all Workers Comp related documents.

Archive in the cloud -- Your documents have the additional safety of cloud servers, not restricted geographically and available from anywhere on the planet

Archive on !ntellegenex servers -- Secure, off-site backup, also available from anywhere on the planet

Archive locally -- Backup your documents on your own file server for easy local access

Do all three -- our preference! Your documents are as safe as humanity can make them in today's world

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    Digital Records/Employee Management Software
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    Provider Management issues? PR!SM!
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    Electronic and print directories
  • Textual representation of PRISM, Provider Management Software Textual representation of MAA, Medical Assistant Triage Software
    Excellent triage manager
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